Grilled Cheese Pro Am 2012

By Tampa Pro Am (other events)

Saturday, May 12 2012 12:00 PM 8:00 PM
Tampa Pro Am invites the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, to the first Grilled Cheese Pro Am! This event will host a competition between local Tampa Bay Restaurants and those up to challenging them for the title for the King of Grilled Cheese Pro Am 2012. Who will win? The Pro or the Am?

Why Pro Am?
Grilled Cheese Pro Am is named after the competition between local Restaurants (Pros) and the rest of the Tampa Bay Area. It’s an effort to bring local business owners closer to their customers and promoting a better Tampa Bay experience.

Why Grilled Cheese:
Why not? Grilled Cheese is the one damn sandwich that everyone, including Vegans (I know your secrets...), can enjoyably eat. Its the universal comfort food, and its so damn delicious.
Butter. Bread. Cheese.

What else do we need in life?

Come enjoy great local music, food, and more!